Will my CPU bottleneck my GPU?!?!

Well, I want a GTX 680 but, I want to know if a FX-6100 would bottleneck a GTX 680?

Yes, I know it's not the hottest CPU on the market too. If there is something that would be better for $150 or below, please show me :)

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  1. Why do you want to put a 150$ CPU with a 500$ GPU.. Just get a 2500K, or even the 2400 is still very good.
  2. Because there puurrty :D I guess I'll just go with a 7870 or something
  3. nah stick with 680 it's awesome,
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    yeah... dump the AMD and go with an i5 2500K. best gaming performance to price ratio...
  5. Going for intel platform would mean new motherboard and new cpu...just get 680 and get some overclock on your CPU. If you are playing at regular 1080 you are fine...true that i5 would get you better FPS but even your CPU is enough to play all the games above 40+ with 680
    I almost got my 680 yesterday but by the time I got to check out it was sold out lol...anyway I think I'm gonna wait for nonreference. 680 is awesome it has 6950 CF performance in one card...
  6. Hey cheif, I dont know the answer to your question but just throwing out upgrades to a different processor when you dont even know if you have a problem seems... you can fill in the blank...
  7. your gonna have to switch your mobo if you wanna go an intel processor. which id recommend but you arent gonna do that.
    so at least get the top of the line amd..... which is still ***. but better than your first pick lol.

    get an fx 8150.

    for the love of god dont desert the 680. but you might struggle to get one right now they are selling out like hotcakes
  8. I'm confused how would there be "something that would be better for $150" when the 680 is like $500
  9. Well, It's either a AWESOME Graphics card and a ehh Cpu or a Good Cpu and a Good Graphics card
  10. Ok So will a FX-8120 be bottle necked bad?
  11. BuBzXXL said:
    Ok So will a FX-8120 be bottle necked bad?

    No the 8120/8150 are about identicle with the 2500k and 3930k in gaming...People can get buthurt about it but look at linus tech tips video...
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