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Hi im designing a Custom computer case. in order to save money and time i was wondering if i could us a wooden motherboard tray
standoff would be used.
also i was wondering if there anything that HAS to be grounded
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  1. Do not use wood with all of the heat you don't want to burn it
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    You can use a wooden motherboard tray, some people have their machines built into the desk so it is totally feasible.

    The motherboard is grounded through the main connectors for it, the stand-offs provide a secondary ground but all grounds are tied to the same place so its just redundant.

    I wouldn't worry about the "heat", people misunderstand the relationship between heat and temperature, as long as your heat is taken care of nothing gets warm enough to be a problem, also hot for a computer is still pretty cool by wood standards. 450 F(ignition temperature for paper) is over 230 C, you aren't going to be getting anywhere near warm enough to be a problem for the wood.
  3. Thanks hunter! my plans involve building it in to a desk. So i will need a lot of fans inorder to keep it cool right?(or fans in the right places)
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