Amd a8-3850 with 6670

I recently bought a new computer, with an AMD A8-3850 and an AMD Radeon HD 6670. I'm wondering how good it is for gaming, as I was assured it was a fairly high end gaming computer, but am having my doubts with the performance so far.
Another computer I was looking at had an i7 with a gtx560 ti, and I'm not sure whether or not that would have been a better choice....
If the i7 computer was better, by how much?

Sorry if the question seems silly, I don't know a great deal about computer hardware, and was looking for some feedback. Thanks in advance!
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  1. the other one was 2x better for gaming.

    the 560ti would be about 50% more powerful than your gpu and the i7 cpu would be about 70% faster than your cpu.
  2. the hd 6670 is not better for gaming but for that chip its good.

    for another computer why dont you get an hd 6950 in that price it will perform better then 560ti in gaming but the gtx 560ti will perform better in overclocking.
  3. a8 3850 and 6670 is not for high end gaming. it's usually for entry level gaming and basic use. 6670 is very capable in its class. it is the most powerful gfx card that doesn't require a pcie power supply. a8 3850 is amd's one of top apus. you can even use a8's integrated gfx and 6670 to combine into hybrid crossfire.
    you can see how a8 and 6670 works together in this review;
    an i7 and 560ti would be much higher end and more powerful (and more costly) for gaming.
    a8 3850 vs i7 2600k (stock):
    gtx 560ti review:
    6670 review
    they use nearly identical setup, so you'll be able to compare performance between the two cards.
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