Necessary to connect fan at front of case?

I have the HAF 912, which has a fan in the back near the motherboard and a fan up front near the hard drive bays.

The motherboard I'm using, an ASRock B75M, has only one connector for a chassis fan, which I assume should be used for the fan near the motherboard?

Will the fan up front also need to be connected directly to the PSU, or can it be left unconnected? There won't be any overclocking.
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  1. did your fans not come with molex connectors? i have 3 of my 4 case fans running off of 1 molex pin in a daisy chain (they don't draw enough power to require multiple)
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    If your PSU wont be using the PWR_FAN connector, you can use that to drive another chassis fan.

    That way your front fan coudl be on the CHA_FAN1 and the rear fan could be on PWR_FAN.

    Most PSU's that do connect to the PWR_FAN only do so for fan rotation speed reporting, rather than actual power draw, which the PSU supplies directly.

    Of course if you want the PSU fan rotation reporting, you can use molex fan connectors as suggested, or Y splitters for the chassis fan connector (although this wont report speeds for both fans).
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