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I have a radeon 6950 and I'm getting screen tear which stops wen I put vsync on ive seen a 120hz monitor but not sure if 2 buy it as I've spent a lot of money on my pc as it is what r people's views would a 120hz make gaming better :)
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  1. sure, it will make the gaming better assuming your rig will push out a consistent 120fps. Check your frame rate at the resolution you plan on playing, and if you can keep 120fps, then go for it. If not then you would need rig upgrades before changing the monitor (though I am pretty sure a 6950 would put out 120fps in most things)
  2. My system specs are i7 @ 2.67 not overclocked
    6gb ram
    64gb ssd
    1tb Samsung spinpoint
    Asus 6950 2gb
    Does this make a good gaming rig
  3. You have to know that you need an 120Hz "Monitor" not an HDTV, since most 120Hz HDTV's are just 60Hz TV's with Telecine 3:2 Pulldown that simulates more fluid motion.

    Also, why do you need 120Hz if you aren't going to do 3D gaming with glasses?

    Hope it helps! :)
  4. Yes, that is a very nice gaming rig, but you know that you can "Unlock" the 6950 into an 6970? You would have a nice ~20% performance boost. That unlock is very safe and have an 97% of succes rate.

    Also, if your card can't output to over 120Hz, you will still get tearing if you don't have V-Sync enabled. (V-Sync doesn't just limit the frame to 60)
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