New CPU in old Mobo?

I have a Foxconn A76ML-K that i've been using since 2009 and I want to buy an AMD Phenom II X4 955 and put it in there.
The mobo is rated for a 95 watt CPU and i put a 125 watt Athlon in it when I built the PC. Apparently the mobo is AM3 ready, and I found the BIOS update for it. I'm just wondering if it will be compatible, I guess I don't see why it wouldn't accept the Phenom, besides it being too old for a new processor.
My Motherboard
Processor I want to buy.
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  1. Just check the latest CPU compatibilty list for that mobo at Foxconn....if its on d list, its good :)

    Just re-flash with the LATEST bios before swapping out d CPU :)
  2. You should be fine. The board supports AM3 chips so that phenom should work fine
  3. I didn't see it on there. It seems like all the old CPUs were on that list. But I have a CPU in my computer that isn't even on their list and it works just fine.
  4. avenseth12 said:
    You should be fine. The board supports AM3 chips so that phenom should work fine

    That's what I was assuming. I just wasn't sure if AM3 ready would only apply to some processors. I don't believe newegg accepts CPU returns. So I don't want to waste $100 dollars on something that doesn't work.
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    It probably would boot actually, but from what I understand the CPU would run at something ridiculous like 800mhz. Either way, if the mobo doesn't support a 125 watt TDP (and that one does not), its a great way to shorten the life of what is already a fairly low quality board to begin with assuming it does work..
  6. I didn't realize that the board was made for a 95 watt CPU when I bought it. It was my first computer and I thought I had everything right, it was a beginner mistake. But the 125 watt CPU has definitely been running fine.
    And sorry I didn't specify my CPU. It is an AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+, which is 125 watts. I have a feeling the mismatched wattage is the reason my ethernet plug doesn't work on my mobo, maybe it fried that part of the board.

    Wow, well if it's only going to run at 800mhz, I don't even want to mess with it. Maybe I should just save my money for a new mobo and a Core i5.

    I recently installed a GTX 550 Ti and I'm trying to get a CPU that matches up a bit better, because I think I'm bottlenecking with my current CPU. Plus I only have 2 GB of ram, my PC has needed an overhaul for a couple years now. Maybe I just need to bite the bullet and upgrade.
  7. I have the 6000+ Windsor. The 125 watt CPU.
  8. Yep! I think it's time for an upgrade, I put this together back in 2009, it wasn't very fast then either.
  9. I was thinking I would try to keep it $300 or less. There's not really a specific time frame. I've already looked around a little bit, and I'm fine with using cheap parts. I don't think I need a top of the line mobo and ram.
    Here is what I was planning on.
    Core i5
  10. Quote:
    RAM should be 1.5V and not 1.65V
    no to the BioStar, the 75 model board is cool but not Bio..
    2400 is a cool chip.

    Ram Still cheap but is that better?

    Is MSI or Foxconn okay? I don't really know what brands are good? I do know Biostar isn't like a top rated mobo. And I know I haven't heard of a lot of the cheap ones.
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