Will power supply work in hong kong

I'm about to buy my parts. Right now Im here in the us, but I live in hong kong. I was wondering if I buy a power supply off of newegg, will it work in hong kong? The voltages are different. I don't want to spent 200 dollars on a power supply, then realize that it won't work in hong kong.
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    If it's Active PFC it will, because it's auto-switching. What PSU is it, to be sure?
  2. DJ is right about the active PFC thing, I wonder about the plug jack style fitting.
  3. abekl said:
    I wonder about the plug jack style fitting.

    That's a good point, but I think all PSU's use a C14 connector with a C13 type power cord with different ends to plug into the mains, depending on locality. You won't get a cord compatible with Hong Kong sockets when you buy it here in the US, but I'm sure you can get one in Hong Kong.

    If I'm wrong in any of that, someone please feel free to correct me.
  4. You can buy any type of connectors in hong kong literally. Just walk to any local tech stores and they'll have hundreds of them for a dollar a piece.

    What we care about though is what PSU it is. Most modern psu's have active PFCs which ensures that power supplies are compatible from 90v-240v without the end user doing something (the dreaded red switch in the back).
  5. Thanks. I checked my power supply. It is an active pfc
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