hey i have i7 with 16 gb ram with 700 watt zebronics psu i have pci x16 slot did i one recommend me which graphic card is good for gaming
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  1. What budget do you have? Also that power supply is junk, I personally would not use it with any graphics card but it should work with anything that needs only one PCIE power connector if you want to chance it.
  2. junk wtf you said it quiet run man by the way mine have 500 $ budget
  3. with your current psu, only few recommendations:
    1. nothing
    2. radeon hd 6570
    3. radeon hd 6670 1 gb gddr5
    with a seasonic 550-650w / antec earthwatts 550-650w / corsair psu (not coolermaster),
    entry level - 6670 1 gb gddr5
    lower mid range - 6770 1 gb
    mid range - gtx 460 1 gb, radeon hd 6850 1 gb, radeon hd 6790 1 gb
    upper mid range - radeon hd 6870 1 gb, geforce gtx 560 1 gb
    high end - gtx 560ti 1 gb.
    reputed brands - sapphire ( e.g. vapor x), xfx, msi (e.g. twin frozr, cyclone), evga, asus (direct cu), msi
    the card's compatibility depends on your full specs, case size etc.
  4. why dont i go for gtx 580 i have sufficient budget with 8x 6x pci connector my will support
  5. why don't you go for a better psu and a good gfx card instead? it will serve you better in the long run.
    if you can afford something like a gtx 580, see how the new 28 nm cards turn out, get one of them later.
  6. will you please give me the psu site good for my gtx580
  7. this is a good place to start:
    check out the 'A list of recommended PSUs' link.
    extreme outervision's psu calculator:
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