Computer freezes and then intermittent wierd boot.

Thank you in advance. I have a dell pc with a Samsung hd642jj hard drive. This pc has been a great computer. Over the last several months it's slowly gotten worse, but it will freeze up. Then you have to manually shut it down. Now everytime you reboot it comes up with hard drive error, you hit f2 and then esc and don't save changes, sometimes it will reboot and other times it won't. I've ran malwarebytes, avg, norton, etc. etc. and nothing fines any kind of virus of any sort. Is there anything else i can try or change? Of course i can't find my windows vista disc, or my nvidia disc to reload my other drivers if this completely takes a dump. But i do have all other important personal info and pics/vids/and music backed up. Everything i run though says it's a bad hard drive. Any help would be appreciated. I'm on my wifes laptop at this moment as i can't even get my stuff to boot up, once it does boot up and everything starts to load up, it freezes, gets wierd red lines and nothing works. Have to shut it off manually by holding the power button.
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  1. Assuming your CMOS battery on the motherboard is still good and doesn't need replacing, try booting to safe mode. (Tap F8 at boot) If you can get into safe mode, it may indicate the problem is software rather than hardware. You can then maybe save your important stuff to a flash drive, USB HDD, or disks. Once you have your stuff backed up, download and run CCleaner. Do the clean and registry both.
    This will eliminate the problem possibly being registry errors, etc.
  2. Hey

    I'm nearly 100% sure you do indeed have a dying Hard drive ... They do that quite regularly these days. They can't be fixed or negotiated with, just cut your losses and replace it.

    Sorry :(

    What I would do is to try running Ubuntu or a system rescue OS from a flash drive. If it loads and runs normally then you know your other hardware is fine, and if you have trouble accessing the data on the Hdd from there then it is definitely the drive.
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