PoVi 2.5GB 841mhz GeForce GTX 570 Beast vs MSI HD 6970 Lightning

Greetings lads and ladies, im sorry in this question or one similar has been done to death but im having trouble finding the information im looking for and i was told that this place is the authority on such issues so i thought id ask some experts for some help.

I play Starwars the old republic MMo http://www.swtor.com/ and some COD 4 but my old gtx 295 is giving me isues soits gone out the window and ive decided to beg the wife for a new card and its going to be one of these 2.

1. Point of View 2.5GB GeForce GTX 570 Beast NVIDIA Graphics Card
TGT-570-A1-2-BST - 2.5GB Point of View GTX 570 Beast, 40nm, 3960MHz GDDR5, GPU 841MHz, Shader 1682MHz, 480 Cores


2. MSI HD 6970 Lightning ATI - AMD Radeon Graphics Card - 2GB
R6970 Lightning - 2GB MSI HD 6970 Lightning, PCI-E 2.1 (x16), 5500MHz GDDR5, GPU 940MHz, 1536Cores, Mini DP/ HDMI


Now my question for you experts is which card is faster? and by how much? and ofcoarse which will be better to play COD 4 and Starwars: The old republic on? hopefully max settings.

Thanks very much fellers and i look forward to hearing from you.

/Greg & nicola
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  1. hd 6970 will be more powerful and better in gaming and it can handle cod4 and swtor on max with some aa hopefully.:)


  2. Thanks for the quick replay, in that benchmark you linked i think thats a reg gtx 570? the one im considering its a 2.5g version.
  3. always memory doesnt matter performance does matter allot. an hd 6790 performs better then 570 in games with higher resolution so why to waste money if you are getting more performance in cheaper price and that card that u gave there will be a perfect choice then the gtx 570.:)


    u can see there the msi hd 6970 is performing better then the gtx 570 in most games.:)
  4. Hey OcTwenty
    I hope I am not too late to give you my opinion on the matter...
    I recently bought this card and it is absolutely amazing: Extremely quiet, cool and easy to overclock.
    It seems like you want/wanted to buy the super-overclocked version. This particular Gtx570 performs better than the HD6970 and even better than a stock Gtx580. In comparison to the 6000 AMD series of cards, which get very toasty and if the fans ramp up they start to sound like vaccuum cleaners.
    I can say with certainty that I am thrilled and delighted with my POV Gtx570 TGT Beast Edition.
    Best of luck
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