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Hey all, so I am building my first computer. All was going well until I went to install my processor and my Cooler Master Hyper 212. Processor went in the slot fine, no issues. I took some thermal paste and spread it around the processer.... a nice thin layer with no air bubbles. All was looking good so far.

Now I have an am3 board and am using an AMD processor. I had the roughest time trying to get the screws on the adjustable bracket to screw into the standoffs. Once I started a screw on one side, the other sides screws wouldn't reach. I literally had to use a good bit of force to get all of the screws screwed in. I finally got it and it's secure, my motherboard is in my case and I am hoping I didn't mess something up.

Now my question is, as I was fighting with the bracket and cooler to get it secured, I noticed the cooler kind of slid around a little bit on the processor and I would have to reposition it. It never slid completely off, but would just get off center so I would have to push it back into place then attempt again to get the screws down. I'm worried that it could have caused a problem with the thermal paste, caused airbubbles or unevenly spread the thermal paste and might be spots without...

Do you guys think this is normal and okay that my Cooler slid around a little like this? I'm really worried that this could be bad and with a $200 processor I would hate to ruin it. I don't want to fight with that cooler again, but if you guys think it probably messed up my layer of paste I will take it off and clean/re-apply but I am hoping it's okay.

Any insight is greatly appreciated.
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  1. I would pull the cooler, clean, and start over myself. That's just cheap insurance. I know when we build a system we're all in a hurry to "See if we screw'd up" and hear that Post beep but here is one were I would hold up pull it clean it re-apply the paste appropriately and install the cooler again. I am curious as to why it slid around though as it should have been, ultimately very tight on the board as I pick up my board by the cooler when installing, are you sure you had it right in the first place?
  2. did you remove the bracket that came with the motherboard first,after that use all the parts as describe in the 212 cooler booklet,i would check if the paste did not oveflow from the cpu usualy i only use a pea spot of paste
  3. No No, I think I may have confused you guys lol. The bracket that comes with the Hyper 212... the adjustable one so you can use it for Intel and AMD. You know how it has the Four Spring loaded screws that screw into the standoffs? Not MB Standoffs, the Backplate Standoffs. That is what I couldn't get to screw in... so the Cooler was not attached yet so it slid around a little bit as I fought with trying to get them screwed in.

    But yea I took off the MB brackets, installed the 212 backplate and all that. It's just when I went to screw down the Cooler itself I had a hell of a time getting the screws to reach the standoffs. I searched online and a lot of other people had this problem too, but I got it bolted down I'm just worried about how my cooler slid a few times and I had to reposition it while working with it.

    I guess from what you said hill ill have to do it again. Dang... :)
  4. Well I wouldn't say you have to now that I understand the question, although if your really concerned I would, you know how much you moved it and smeared the thermal paste around. I had a similar problem with an aftermarket cooler and once I got it I had the same questions running through my head, I didn't redo it and it was fine, just install CoreTemp when you get it going and monitor your temps closely.
  5. What's the problem? The thermal compound is supposed to be smeared around when you compress the heat sink on the CPU, even if you use the 'pea' method or peanut butter method.
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    212 + installation can be tricky because it is designed to fit in multiple platform and the stabilizer(?) positioning is very critical. I would suggest you first read the booklet and/or Cooler Master's video on their homepage. Now at least you can understand theoretically the right angle of the stabilizer and the right position of the screws on its four legs. Each hole has three different positions for screw. When you put the hot sink block finally on CPU, make sure to hold the vertical pin on the center of the stabilizer so that it is positioned inside the hole of the bottom frame. Once the center position is not aligned, the four leg holes will not fit correctly. If you already fixed the stabilizer angle beforehand, at this stage, you can screw them without problem.
  7. HeHe. The biggest problem installing the Hyper212 IS the booklet! Please watch the video, even that took me 3 looks to make sure I was going the right direction.
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  9. Thanks for all the help guys. I'm nearly finished with the build now ( my first ) and excited and nervous at the same time. Everything looks good tho, I got the cooler screwed in correctly now and "re-pasted".

    The only thing I have left which is actually on the way is my AMD Radeon HD 7970. Should be here tomorrow, if not Monday then i'll be finished!

    BTW, I can recommend the NZXT Phantom 410 (Mid Tower) case to all new builders. Man that thing has made my life so easy with my first build. Great cable management too and it looks awesome. I got the white one and everything about it is great.
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