Evga GTX460 SSC+ GPU with low end GPU

So i am going to buy a 2600k with ASUS P8z68-v Pro and i have a GTX 460 SSC graphics card. So my question is that, can i run a low end GPU along with the gtx 460 so that i can increase my graphics memory? And if yes, then what would be the advantages and disadvantages of it?
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  1. you can't add graphics memory (vram). for example: 2x 1 gb gfx card do not equal to 2 gb vram.
    the best way to get more vram is to get a gfx card with larger size vram that has a gpu that can use the vram (otherwise it's a waste of money and vram).
  2. I know that 2x 1 gb gfx card do not equal to 2 gb vram but it will be waste of my EVGA Gtx 460 to throw it out and purchase new gpu with high vram. thats why i wanted to get another low end gpu to atleast increase half of the vram more as
    2x 1 gb gfx card = 1.5gb gfx card
    M i right in the above equation??? because i have already EVGA Gtx 460 SSC+ in my pocket
  3. He already answered your question. You can't add graphics memory.

    "2x 1 gb gfx card = 1.5gb gfx card" No.

    Why do you think you need more vram? unless your monitor is over 1920x1200 its not going to do anything. You can add a second GTX 460 if your motherboard supports SLI and your power supply supports it, which will increase performance but you will still only have 1GB of vram
  4. @OP: no you're not right.
    no one is telling you to throw away your gfx card.
    in case of cfx/sli, you get another gpu. the whole dual gfx card combo works like a dual gpu card with vram for each gpu. vram do not add up.
    read this crossfire/sli faq:
  5. Thanx Boss!! gr8 link to understand SLI and Crossfire :)
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