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I have a problem with my Samsung laptop. I bought it about 6 months ago, thinking about gaming. Here are the specs (it is a Llano):


AMD Quad-Core A8-3510MX Accelerated (1.8 GHz)


AMD Radeon HD6470M (dedicated) and AMD Radeon 6620G (integrated). That is suposed to be dual graphics. 1GB DDR3.

RAM: 4GB 1,333 MHz

HD: 640GB

I have plenty of questions. First, when I play a game like Assassin's Creed II with any graphic configuration (high or low) I get a VERY low FPS. It never passes the 20FPS. There are videos of Deus Ex: Human Revolution on running on 35 - 40 FPS ( I think that should be the framerate on this laptop. Can anyone help me out here?

Second, about a program called Game Booster 3. I installed it and tried to play the games and got a more decent framerate (about 25FPS on high settings). The problem is that the computer gets at 78C, which I think is a very high temperature for an AMD CPU laptod.

I simply don't know what to do! Should I stop using Game Booster? Is it bad for my computer? Will I get a lower lifespan for the notebook by using it frequently? Why do I get 9FPS on Resident Evil 4, that is a old game?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Instal latest graphics driver and also install MSI Afterburner software for better graphics. Game Booster improves PC performance so you can use that software.
  2. Newest drivers?

    Crossfire on?
  3. princesiddiqui said:
    Instal latest graphics driver and also install MSI Afterburner software for better graphics. Game Booster improves PC performance so you can use that software.

    Where can I find the drivers? I googled it and found the drivers for 6620G and 6470M in a webpage called Is it safe?

    About the MSI Afterburner, is it a overclocking software? Won't I get high temperatures with it? Thanks for helping!

    Anonymous said:
    Newest drivers?

    Crossfire on?

    I'm trying to find the newest drivers online, but how can I be sure that I have them?

    Crossfire is on, but it seems that it's not working because I get the same results whether Crossfire is on or off. I read online that I must get extra 4GB of RAM to activate dual channel and make it work. Is that true?

    Is 78C a normal temperature for gaming?

    Thank you people for helping!
  4. Since you have a laptop those temperatures are fine.

    You need 2 sticks for dual channel.
  5. Hey, thanks for the link amuffin, but the program says that my computer has incompatible hardware/software.

    I think that I should also mention that my framerate is almost the same (8 - 13 FPS) in Assassin's Creed II, whether I use maximum settings or minimum. It changes a lot on the menus, however. I get like 20 FPS on max and 40 on min.

    I have my battery settings on Samsung Optimized. When I change to High performance I get decent FPS, like 22 FPS, but the cores get to like 78C. On L.A. Noire I get 20 FPS and the cores get to a temperature of 70C.

    Will the high temperatures of frequent gaming reduce the notebook's lifespan drastically? I don't want to kill my PC!
  6. laptop parts are designed to withstand up to 100C+
  7. So what do you guys think I should do? Should I quit gaming on this notebook? I intend to sell it by the end of the year anyway and buy a basic laptop for university stuff and save for a decent desktop.

    Well I think the discussion is over then. Would a ventilation base help?
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