New Build: No Post/Boot/Etc

I had parts for this build sitting around forever, so it's a little dated.

Intel i5 2500k
Asus P8P67LE B3 Revision
Asus GF GTX460
G Skill Sniper Series 2x4GB (I forget the speed, I think 1600)

Rest doesn't really matter, I suppose.

When I turn on the power supply, the motherboard light is solid green. I have tried to start it both by using the power switch and by shorting the power switch pins. I then tried to test the power supply by pulling the 24 pin connector and shorting it with a paper clip. The power supply turns on, LEDs and fan working.

EDIT: Are case fans enough to test the power supply with load? I plugged in all 4 and they work just fine when shorting the 24 pin connector.

I've read through the troubleshooting guide and have gone through most of those steps already, except using a multimeter as I don't have one right now.

Is there a good way to narrow down the problem? Right now, I am guessing either the PSU or the motherboard.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. I forgot to mention that the power supply is 700W.

    It's this one:

    There are some slightly concerning reviews, but I haven't found any reason to believe that it is the problem so far.
  2. Bump
  3. Anyone?
  4. You're not really going to get much of a response because we've already done a lot of work creating a troubleshooting checklist for this exact type of problem. I know you said you read through a troubleshooting guide and did "most" of the steps. Perform EVERY step in the checklist linked in my signature and let us know how it goes.
  5. Well, as I said, I don't currently have access to a multimeter. Is it absolutely necessary to perform that one step before asking for help?

    I believe I have demonstrated that the PSU is at least capable of providing power via the molex connectors. Would you recommend I try adding another component? A hard drive, perhaps?

    If it is not the PSU, what is the next point of failure I should test?
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