Need help to build a gaming desktop

This is my first time here and I really don't know how things work and I don't know if this goes here. I need help on choosing the pieces to build a gaming desktop that is able to run online games such as aion, aika, dnd, runes of magic, 9dragon, hunter blade suns online, perfect world, etc.....smooth but in high setting. I have a budget below 800 and if theirs any suggestion or recommended build I would so appreciate for the help. Im not looking for battlefield or skyrim graphic, but it would be great to run it smooth even in low or mid settings. Sorry again i am new at this!, any help would be much appreciated.
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  1. Country? Purchase date?
  2. Purchase Date: before the end of may

    Budget Range: 800-850 without the keyboard, mouse and monitor

    System Usage: For gaming( aion, wow, battlefield, 9dragons, perfect world etc..) run smooth at max setting.

    Country: USA

    Overclocking: most likely not - first build

    SLI/Crossfire: is it good to crossfire? is it more expensive and complicated?

    Addition info: I do need a OS but doesnt have to be included in the price. Can i do any window? or is it preferably a certain window?..(window 7)

    Monitor: any kind that is able to give the best resolution and HD that fit the spec of the computer.
  3. And also is it enough slot for a wifi adaptor??cause i need to use wifi
  4. As long as the motherboard has a PCI slot, it will be just fine.
  5. do you have a recommended build for that certain type of gaming desktop
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