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Bought the geforce 670, windows install crashes

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July 12, 2012 5:12:12 AM

sent the computer to a technician, who sends me a report:

- graphics card is too powerful for motherboard
- recommends i get a lower card or a stronger motherboard.

He then went on to say that if I got a new motherboard, i would have to replace the cpu, power supply, get more fans for the case, and get a "cpu fan".


old: asus m5a78lmlx
new choice: BIOSTAR TPOWER X79 LGA 2011

old: AMD Athlon II X4 615e
new choice: Intel Core i7-2600K

power supply:
old: cant check, but i think its 550 W
new choice:

fans: just the ones that came with the case

video card: evga geforce 670

case: antec 300

ram: 8gb ddr3

SSD drive: crucial m4 128gb

1. are all the new parts compatible and are they a good choice? will they last well into the future?
2. is a new power supply necessary?
3. are the new case fans necessary? what is a cpu fan and do i need one for the new build? i'm not sure what to buy, and where to install them

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July 12, 2012 10:57:11 AM

Indeed, the new motherboard and CPU doesn't fit together...

however, the "technician" is wrong for saying that the motherboard is too weak! Also when I see what he recommended (motherboard & CPU), to me spells pseudo-technician (that is why I wrote it in caveats)...

The motherboard has nothing to do with "strength to support the GPU"; that statement is out of place...
if he said that the CPU is not up to the task to service the GPU, than he could have a correct argument;

so my answers:

1) No they are not compatible; on their own, they are good choices, but unfortunately they don't fit together; you'll have to find more suitable combination (change either the motherboard or the CPU); the proposed motherboard from amuffin is a good choice, though I would also check the Asus and Asrock as well; also if you chose to go with 2600K, search for a overclocking friendly motherboard - it will be shame not to overclock that 2600K ;) 
future? that is a difficult one when buying computers (hardware);

2) Most likely the cause for install to crash was that the old PSU was some rubbish; But the new one is very good one and if you can afford it, you should not hesitate; though for your setup is a bit of overkill... I have the previous version of that one and it serves me well for 4+ years and it drives overclocked system (check the specs in my profile)

3) No, but is highly advisable! More fans > more airflow > better cooling > longer component life... ut if you overclock, more fans are must!

So in general, you still have some work to do around that computer... :) 
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July 13, 2012 5:13:12 AM

vantz said:
will either one of these processors work with the motherboard?

Intel Core i7-3820 Sandy Bridge-E 3.6GHz (3.8GHz Turbo Boost) LGA 2011 130W Quad-Core Desktop Processor BX80619i73820

Intel Core i7-3770K Ivy Bridge 3.5GHz (3.9GHz Turbo) LGA 1155 77W Quad-Core Desktop Processor Intel HD Graphics 4000 BX80637I73770K

Only the i7-3820 will work - it is the same socket: LGA2011;

when you match processor to a motherboard, look @ the socked info: i7-3820 goes on any motherboadr that has LGA2011; i7-3770K goes on any motherboard with socket LGA1155
a c 111 ) Power supply
a b V Motherboard
July 13, 2012 5:43:34 AM

Stupido said:
i7-3770K goes on any motherboard with socket LGA1155

Nope. [:lutfij:4]
July 13, 2012 11:24:23 PM

amuffin said:
Nope. [:lutfij:4]

huh? :ouch: