PC Hang at BIOS.

Hi Friends,

I have buy new PC with this configurations.
processor : i3 2120
motherboard : DH67BL
ram :Transcend DDR 3 4 GB
cabinet :iball with PSU.
I have PC with above configuration,whenever i push the power button nothing happens only cpu fans and smps fan work,,and sometime dispaly come on monitor but just hang at bios screen,so is it processor problem,motherboard problem or anything else?
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  1. Re-Adjust the Ram and also check hard disk cable.
  2. I have used ram on different PC it work perfectly
    And without harddisk attached,pc also hanged at bios.
  3. when you say it hangs at BIOS, what are you seeing on the screen?
  4. change other motherboard
  5. Would be tempted to reset the BIOS by jumpering or taking the battery out for a few minutes, then try it with one stick of ram to see if that makes a difference.
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