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currently i am using a Palit gtx 460 1GB SE (sonic edition), it has been playing up for the last 3-4 weeks and i am thinking about getting a new one. i have already decided that i am getting a AMD over a Nvidia because i have had a lot of problems with Nvidia Drivers. i am looking for a card under around £450 because i will probably get it off ebay. i will also get a new PSU because mine will not have enough power and doesnt have a brand e.g corsair, xfx.

I am going to get a Corsair HX850w PSU

current spec:

Gigabyte z68x-ud5-b3
intel i5-2500k 3.3ghz (OC 3.7ghz)
450w PSU
Palit gtx 460 1GB SE

could you please advise on what card would be the best for this system.

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  1. You know, your current problems could be coming from your crappy PSU not delivering enough power consistently so you may want to replace that before blaming the GTX 460. I'd say add another 460 for more performance and a PSU that can more than handle both of them along with your overclocked CPU. If you wanted to go AMD though I'd say get a 6970, but you may want to wait for the 7950 that is suppose to come out at the end of the month.
  2. my mobo cant do dual graphics cause i got a wireless network card occupying a pci slot and my mobo is quite crammed.
    what about the 6990??? but i have heard some bad comments on it about noise levels
    i might try a new PSU first but i have used this PSU for 2 years, the same amount of time i got the graphics card and its been fine up till about 3 weeks ago
  3. I usually just go with a USB wireless adapter -_-. Anyway yeah the 6990 sounds loud and while a GTX 590 is quieter it apparently blows up on a few people (exaggeration it's more like just a pop and some smoke :p ). Rather than a 6990 you should look at the 7970. Of course, you may want to wait to see how well the 7950 does and if it offers a better value than a GTX 580 or 570.
  4. What card blows up on people???
  5. might go for a hd 6970 now.....
  6. A few people have complained the 590 does this at default speeds


    But I'm guessing they are a little more reliable now. Nvidia pushed out a BIOS update to better protect the card and they probably have better quality control now than at launch, probably......
  7. nahhh im gonna get a 6970 now cause its quite cheap and has really positive reviews
  8. decided to get a hd 7950, im gonna wait a few days for it to come out
  9. Good. Well, even though it should come out Tuesday you may not actually be able to buy it for a few days. We'll see what the availability is like. Good luck.
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