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Hello, I'm going to build a new gaming pc when Ivy-Bridge comes out. What do you think?

Approximate Purchase: When I sold my laptop (Alienware M15x), so I have enough money.
Budget Range: €2500 ~ €3000
System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, Gaming, Gaming... And perhaps some browsing..
Parts Not Required: Switching from laptop to desktop, so I need everything :/
Preferred Website(s) for Parts:
Country: Holland / The Netherlands
Parts Preferences: Intel > Amd ---- Nvidia > Amd ----- Evga / XFX / Asus preferred.
Overclocking: Yes, processor
SLI or Crossfire: Yes. I need 2 cards
Additional Comments: none
Graphic's Card: 2 x EVGA GTX 680 (Classified ultra, if that will be available) Expected price: €1200
RAM: Corsair 16 GB DDR3-1600 -- €117
Hard Drive: OCZ AG3 180GB €182,5_inch_SATA/OCZ/AGT3-25SAT3-180G/643295/?tn=HARDWARE&l1=Harddisks&l2=Solid+State+Drives&l3=SATA
PSU: XFX 1050w Black €205
Computer Case: Zalman Z11 Plus €65
Mouse: R.A.T. 9 €120
Motherboard: ASUS new MB wich comes out with Ivy-Bridge Expected Price €220
Processor: Intel Core i7 3770k Expected Price €300
Processor Cooler: Intel Liquid Thermal Solution €77
Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster S27A350H €280
Optical Disk Drive: Don't use it, Don't need it.
Keyboard: Cyborg v.7 €70
Total Cost: €2836

Any suggestions or something i should change?
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  1. The build is good. For gaming 8GB RAM is more than enough.
  2. isnt this a gigantic overkill for a single monitor setup ?
  3. For 680 SLI , best think is a 3 monitor setup , if not one video card for the moment is powerfull enough for a full hd monitor.
  4. sinthoras said:
    isnt this a gigantic overkill for a single monitor setup ?

    Sorry sinthoras, IMHO there's no such thing as overkill
  5. shadow71 said:
    Sorry sinthoras, IMHO there's no such thing as overkill

    So , lets throw all our money away just because we have a lot ?

    What else can you call this situation ? If he wants to use 1 monitor and goes for SLI. What is this if not an "overkill".

    I hope you wont say "futureproof". There is no such thing. You will never catch up technology development , there will always be newer stuff.

    You simply buy the best bang for your personal buck at your time and when you need to upgrade your rig in the future you simply buy the future's best bang for buck.

    It wont be wrong to think like this ; One of the 680s will simply stay inside his case and do nothing in his 1 monitor setup. It'll slowly get outdated without being used even once inside the case. This is just a figure of speech and example , I do not claim this is an absolute fact. But this is gonna be what the situation will look like.
  6. I might get 3 monitors for 5790x1080, but for now i don't have the money/space to get 3 monitors at once..
  7. IMO ,

    x79 is a waste for gaming. The price/performance is terrible over the i5 2500k. 2x 680 is wasted money on 1980x1080p. I'd drop 1 680 and the x79 and get 2 more monitors. 1x 680 is pretty good at 5790x1080. Then when you grab 2 you can pretty much max anything on 5790x1080p until you hit the vram limit. When the 4gb versions come out then you'll see the 680 trump the 7970 even harder.

    But good luck on the build.
  8. i'm waiting for the 4gb GTX680 anyway.. i think i'll buy 2 extra monitors within 6 months after system purchase.. and i most certainly want to max out every game on any resolution.. maxed out below 60fps makes me cry
  9. You might consider this high-resolution monitor instead of 3 at 1080p. Cheaper and better framerates in the long run.
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