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Hello everybody!

I recently upgraded my PII/350 MHz system to a Pentium III/1000 MHz, 512 MB RAM, ASUS CUSL2-C M/B (815EP chipset), 40 GB UDMA HD, 29160 SCSI controller. I use a YAMAHA 8424 SCSI CD-RW.

Until now, I had never faced problems with the CD-R Software I worked with. I've used Nero, EasyCD Creator and WinOnCD but I prefer to work mostly with Nero.
After the upgrade was done, the only software that works without problems is WinOnDC 3.7. When I install Nero I get blue screens each time I login to Windows 98SE. The blue screens come out at the GUI environment and NOT during the startup process.

I can reboot the PC, login using the Windows' safe mode, uninstall the Nero, reboot again and the blue screens are gone... I've used all the editions of Nero from to with the same results.

Note that I've downloaded and use the latest Intel Ultra ATA Storage Driver (2.80.xx) and Intel 815EP Software Installation Utility for Win98SE.

I never had that kind of problem in the past. As a matter of fact, I still use the YAMAHA 8424S+Win98SE+Nero 5.xxx combination with 2 other PCs (Pentium III/500, BX440 chipset, UDMA/33 HD) without a single problem.

Please tell me what can I do? I believe there is some kind of incompatibility between Nero and 815EP or Intel Ultra Storage Driver. I prefer working with Nero than any other CD-R Burning utility. Is there any workaround for this?

Thank you very much in advance.

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  1. Get rid of the UltraATA drivers - that's the culprit. Check out my earlier post on this.
  2. Yes, I've already seen previous posts and got rid of the UltraATA drivers.
    Unfortunately the blue screens exist either with or without the UltraATA drivers.
    The only case I have a normal boot to Win98SE is when I previously log on to safe mode and uninstall Nero...
    I forgot to tell you that the system if very "fresh" : I formatted it 2 days ago...
    Is there anything else I can do?
  3. There are certain Nero editions that have problems with 815E chipsets. I had Nero version and had problems with win98se bootups. I was getting crushes...
    The version doesn't seem to have this problem.
    I have QDI 815ER mobo - 256MB Ram
    I think the problem had to do with the way Nero uses tyhe memory and generally the resources, or the ata drivers...I changed 2 256 dimms before I understood what was happening

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