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I currently have a Phenom II X4 Callisto 555 unlocked to Quad core and overclocked to 3.6 GHZ, 10 GB DDR3 RAM and 3.5 TB total of 5400 RPM HD, would i be better to upgrade CPU and Mobo with a lower specs card like a 560Ti or just wack a 7970 into the current System?

What are your thoughts or CPU/mobo or Graphics card combinations?
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  1. Um.. It is hard to say, an 7970 is Overkill for an Phenom II x4... And If you upgrade your CPU and Mobo, the 560Ti isn't good enough... So I would say to buy an 6770, it is a nice graphic card that does well for every game. (~50FPS High settings, @ 1080p No AA.)

    Hope it helps! :)
  2. What resolution do you play at?
  3. well, don't think about the latest gpu's for the older cpu your cpu should bottleneck the hd 7970 huge which means lake of performance.phenom II series can handle gfx cards upto gtx 570 but remember with good model like 955,970,980 etc.
    I would say your cpu is good and grab a card gtx 550ti it's more better idea.
  4. simon12 said:
    What resolution do you play at?

    My monitor is at 1920 X 1080, thats the resolution, remeber the 4 core callisto is like an AMD 965

    What about Cross fire, my budget MAX is $100 more than the 7970
  5. Don't go for crossfire or the HD 7970 with your current CPU, you will get a MAJOR CPU Bottleneck... Either you get something less powerful or you upgrade your CPU and then buy an 7970...
  6. At that resolution I would get a 6950, 560Ti or 570 and thats it you should be able to max out all games. If you want to upgrade more a OCed 2500K + 560Ti Vs Phenom X4 3.6GHz + 7970 is a difficult one as some games will run better on a different one but I think over all the 7970 + current CPU will be better.
    BTW I have a 550BE unlocked @ 3.7GHz + Radeon 4870 my plan is to wait until March April for the rest of the 7000 series and some Nvidia cards to be out, get a new card then and upgrade to ivy bridge + crossfire/SLi around the end of the year.
  7. going from a 5750 to a 460GTX was amazing, will going to a 570 be a massive speed jump at 1920 X 1080 in BF3?
  8. 560ti, i5-2500k, asrock z68 extreme 3 gen 3.
  9. yes the gtx 570 will give 30-40% more performance then an gtx 460.gtx 570 is nearly comparable to be gtx 580.gtx 570 can handle most games at the resolution of 1920x1080.yes it can max bf3 with that resolution with some aa or can play with 3 monitors because of its 3d surround tech.:)
  10. I'd wait for the 7000s and probably get a 7950.

    You won't be bottle necked too bad and you'd be able to max out all gpu intensive games at 1080p. The 6970 will also work.

    Wait and save up to get a new cpu as its not worth it to just get a 560 ti and 2500k in term of performance cause a 7950 and phenom II will be faster in most games.
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