I5-750, i7-870 vs Ivybridge

Hi All,

I'm currently sat with a e8500 cpu at home, and I've seen some 'good' looking deals for 1156 socket stuff.

I'm a cheap arse and I won't utilise the cpu to the limit however I want to 'step up' to a quad core.

I'd just like to know how a i7-870/i5-750 (with a moderate overclock) would stack up against an ivy/sandy i5.

I'm primarily talking about online multiplayer titles such as

Battlefield 3

and finally, if combined with a gtx 670 would it hold it back at all (given the above titles).

I see a lot of anecdotal suggestions that unless you have the latest intel cpu, you're bottlenecking the crap out of your system, but from real world benchies of differing processors I find seem to suggest it doesn't make a huge amount of difference.

I can't seem to find a comparision (or many reviews for that matter) regardining the afforemention, if anyone can point me in the right direction.

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  1. first gen I7 is still great, it's pretty hot running, but they still stack up very well against new chips... and no, you won't bottleneck a 670
  2. The euivalent Ivy chips should be atleast 15-20% faster than the i7-870/i5-750 at the smae clock speeds.

    NO, both the i7-870/i5-750 won't cause any bottleneck.

    However, if u are building a fresh rig, i'd highly recommend that you only build a LGA 1155 one, coz it allows u to use both the modern SB/IB chips on it :)
    The LGA 1156 socket is dead, meaning you can't upgrade your processor in the future....u'll have to change your motherboard as well :(
  3. Thanks for the help guys,

    Regarding upgrade paths,

    I'd be quite happy with this performance till Haswell/Beyond.
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