CPU Fan.

I have buy new PC with this configurations.
processor : i3 2120
motherboard : DH67BL
ram :Transcend DDR 3 4 GB
cabinet :iball with PSU.

what happen if my CPU fan is not properly fitted on four stand.IS there any chance PC freeze because of that at bios or after few minute (overheating at processor).
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  1. hi again... two suggestions for you this time

    1. yes, a badly installed heatsink will cause problems so you must check that

    2. Stick to one thread as far as possible and list out all your problem there....do not open multiple threads that pretty much ask the same question as that may confuse you and anybody else looking for answers....

    good luck :)
  2. Yes. If the heatsink is not attached firmly at all four pins, you will get overheating and freezes/reboots.
  3. Hi,
    Sorry,I just join this community yesterday.I don't know much about the rules of threads.
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