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Good day to all of you members and guests.
My pc power supply cables touched them selves (the blue and the yellow from the 24pin ATX).

I bypassed my power supply without requiring the motherboard on it (i put a paper clip within the green and black cable).
The situation is that when the blue and yellow cable touched them selves the power supply short-circuit and it went down.
I unpluged the cable and plugged again and it worked normally.
Have this damaged my power supply (by reducing the 12volt to 11 volts and dropping?)

Help!!! Please
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  1. Hello !

    First off, what's your PSU model ?

    Secondly, I don't think you damaged it. Modern PSUs (and high-quality ones) often have protection against theses kinds of short-circuits.
    If you say that you plugged it afterwards and everything worked, then your PSU is fine. Had it been damaged, it wouldn't have started at all.

    I hope this helped,
  2. Model: ATX-230C

    Sunny Technologies Co. LTD
  3. But i have heard that even if they work after, they are damage which means that the tension was reduced (But i don't know if this is "Aproved").
  4. get new one
  5. henydiah said:
    get new one

    Yep, I agree. I don't even know that brand. If you want to be on the safe side, get a new one. Go with a Corsair, Antec, Seasonic, CoolerMaster or any other well-known brand.
  6. I could give you more details...
    Do you want to know the input, output and max output?
  7. Dark-Shadow1 said:

    My pc power supply cables touched them selves (the blue and the yellow from the 24pin ATX).

    How in the world did you manage that ?
  8. I was wrong.
    Its a ATX 2.01 model
  9. I removed the pins from the 24atx plastic and they accidentally touched them selves.
    the blue and yellow cable.
    I bypassed the power supply using a paper clip (by connecting the black and green cable on the 24atx pin)
  10. Doh!

    Why would you remove the pins? What made that seem like a good idea EVER?! They are mounted into the plastic connectors to prevent unintended objects from touching the pins and shorting them and to keep them from touching each other.

    You will now likely have loose pin in your atx connector and you managed to short your +12V to your -12V so odds are something in the -12V line bit it. You also have an unknown PSU that even google cannot locate. If google can't find it i don't believe it's legit so i would definitely go get one that shows up on an online retailer somewhere this time. The closest i get is with "ATX-230c sunny technologies" i get some hits with cyrillic letters that look like they might be docs related to it but don't seem like it.
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