Question about SLI -- Does the edition matter? Like SE, SC, +, etc.

Please correct me if I'm using incorrect terminology.
I read the SLI FAQ and saw that to SLI one's cards they need to be from the same family and should have the same amount of memory. I have a GTX 460 1024 MB card. This is what the card's box says. However, when I look under dxdiag it shows that I have a GTX 460 SE card. My question is if the SE matters? I've looked around online and most of the GTX 460 cards being sold are things like GTX 460 SC or GTX 460 FPB, etc. Does this matter as long as they have 1024 MB like my GTX 460 SE card or do I have to have another SE card to SLI them?
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  1. there are now 4 different gtx 460's and they need to be the same to sli. You have the SE, which has 288 stream processors and 256 bit memory, you would need another se to make sli work. Then you have the nomal 1 gb card with 336 stream proc. and 256 bit memory, the 768mb with 192 bit memory, and the new 460 which has 1 gb, 336 stream proc. , but only 192 bit memory. Make sure you on't buy any of those other cards. Might be hard to find an SE now though.
  2. The GTX460 SE is basically a handicapped GTX460. So you would need another SE to sli them.
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