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dear forum,

my setup is a win 7, 64bit computer with an on-board sound card plus a Terratec Aureon 5.1 PCI card. I use the on-board card for PC speakers (in the home-office) and the pci card is hooked up to the receiver (in the living room) via an optical cable. To be able to hear 5.1 sound via my receiver I have to use a special driver (, enabling SPDIF output on the pci card.

Now I would like to have my music played in the living room and the office simultaneously (using media monkey). Win 7 only allows for one output at a time per program. I tried the virtual audio cable to link the two outputs, but this does not seem to work with the driver I'm using for the pci card.

I am looking for a software solution, if possible. a good (external) sound card might be an option if it is within a reasonable price range.

thank you very much for your help!

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  1. i guess it could... but only if it were for optical cables and my pc speakers would work on optical cables as well...

    so no, not really a solution!
  2. Only way I can think is via some sort of splitter cable/device.
  3. thank you for your answers!

    I repeat: a splitter is not an option, since I cannot split the optical signal. and even if I could, the PC speakers in the office don't have an optical input...

    any other ideas?


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