Budget, un-overpowered card for a 2.2GHz Athlon

I had been scraping together pennies for a new computer to replace my ancient Coppermine-based crapbox, but was recently offered a slightly-newer-than-ancient PC for $FREE. My main wish is to be able to run Minecraft on it, and I think its Athlon XP 3200+ should provide enough processor speed, but it only has an integrated UniChrome chip, which cannot run it. I'm going to expand the RAM, natch, but knowing nothing about video cards, I don't want to blow my budget on something that the 2.2 GHz single CPU will prevent me from having the full benefit of.
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  1. What is your budget for the new card?

    What is the make/model of the PSU your going to use?

    I would suggest going with a 5570 but we need to know your budget and I would like to know what the available expansion slots are so we can make sure what you get will work with your motherboard.
  2. Do you have a PCIE slot on the motherboard?
  3. most games will not even start on a single core cpu.

    anything you buy i would make sure that it will be compatible with a brand new system cause it would be stupid to invest money into an old system that already needs to be replaced.
  4. XP 3200 motherbaords will not even have a PCIE slot.

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814161308 on the highend (whch still stinks for anything modern)

    or this on the cheap.


    I had this card witha n AMD thunderbirs 1.1 and they worked fine together.
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