I7 non k vs i5k but overclocked which is better

well this is something different but i would like to know which is better my friend has a i7 ivy bridge but non k unit and want to sell it for same price as i5k ivy but which is better . Don't worry about cooling and so got that covered so just want to know if
the i5 over clocked to say 4.5 GHz will out class the i7 at turbo at 3.8 GHz if i remember correctly and will hyper threading make much of a difference.

Hope you all understood that and thanks in advance
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  1. what prices are you looking at? if the i7 is cheaper (they are very expensive for what they are) that would be the way to go

    what do you plan to do? if your gaming, the i7 has no benefit over the i5. so it would be smarter to go i5
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