Gold on old CPU\'s worth anything?

what are the old cpus worth i have a few dozen saved up ?
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  1. I know Tom´s Hardware make an evaluation about it some ago, but I can´t find it. I´d not expect a lot of money from it tough.
  2. ^read my link
  3. Basically what it all boils down to is:

    It is not worth the effort trying to extract the gold from CPU's. You would need hundreds if not thousands to make it worthwhile.

    Also the chemicals and acids you have to use are far too dangerous to be doing this at home/by yourself without proper equipment.

    The next best/easiest thing would probably be just to send them to a recycling plant that recycles electronics and get a few bucks out of it.
  4. there is an interesting article at *** that covers the topic of the http://www.***/gold-value-in-computer-chips.html
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