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Character running in place please help

Hi guys I play World Of Warcraft and,

I've recently been experiencing a problem.

Once in a while Ill get a really bad lagspike, my character will run in place or get stuck doing an animation for like 4-8 seconds, and I'll either "snap back to reality" dead, or i'll get disconected.

I have 25MBPS internet, tried resetting the modem, I have a i5 2500k CPU, and a gtx560ti gpu, 8gigs ddr3 gskill ram, i doubt it's hardware related.

Can anyone help me please!!
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  1. battlenet server issue, nothing you can do.
  2. ^Probably, yes, but it may be some kind of internet problem closer to home.
    Plug in to your router if you're currently on wireless.
  3. @kajabla

    my ping results were

    Which is to be expected because 90% of the time I'm fine, but then outa no where stuff will start lagging for a few seconds BAD.

    Oh I'd also like to mention that I D'C from ventrilo as well sometimes, when those spikes hit.
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    Those are fine results and should have no bearing on your gameplay, assuming you don't have any packet loss. 37ms is not bad.

    That Ventrilo finding points squarely at an Internet problem on your end, not Blizzard's. Call up your ISP.
  5. So is it safe to say it's 100% ISP related, NOT hardware? I'd say theirs a possibility that the modem or lines are bad, but if it's only intermittent it seems to be out of my control, do you concur?
  6. kajabla is providing you with the best solution.

    The problem could be signs of a network card starting to fail....a modem failing, or an issue with your connection itself. However, since Vent is affected as well, it's unlikely to be related to Blizzard's servers.
  7. Nothing's 100%. I agree with sykozis. It's not Blizzard, but it could possibly be your hardware. IMO, though, it's the ISP. There's certainly enough evidence to get them to look at it. Do you have another computer that you can try WoW on, or SC2, or any other game that'll show you when you lag? If the problem persists, it's a problem with the wiring or the internet connection itself.

    You are wired directly to the router, right?
  8. I am directly wired yes, after thinking it might be the wifi router I bypassed it and hardwired in. problem persisted.

    I don't have another computer unfortunately. And I don't play other games long enough for it to "happen to happen". I'm sure it's something to do with either the ISP, Modem, or Network Card. Either way, I'll start at the top (ISP) and work down :) thanks guys!
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  10. Good luck.
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