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Need help on which graphics card to get sapphire 6870 or 6850

Hi I plan on upgrading my graphics card to a 6870 or 6850 depending on what my system can handle and since i'm pretty new at this thought i should ask you guys before going to get one of the cards. My current specs are this

AMD Phenom II X4 960T 3.0Ghz

Diamond 6570 2GB

Thermaltake TR2 500w

DDR3 4GB 1600MHz (2x2GB)
can't find a link its pretty cheap ram so might need to upgrade that as well but not what i'm really interested in right now


if you need anymore of my specs I would be glad to provide them. What i'm looking to get are one of these two video cards

Sapphire 6870


Sapphire 6850

my price range is about $200 if you guys have anything that would work better would be glad to hear any other suggestions but otherwise thanks for any help you can give
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  1. I would wait for about two weeks, and see how the new 7000-series gets benchmarked (stay tuned on Tom's, I guess). I assume pci-e 3.0 is backwards compatible with 2.0.

    Unless you have a pressing MMO need, you might do better with a 7770 or better.
  2. I doubt the 7770 would perform so well in that price range that it blows away the 6870.
    The 7xxx pricing isnt released yet to gauge what the better value is at this.time.
    Although you would get better performance out of the same.of the 7xxx series, it would most likely be higher priced
  3. yeah I was assuming the same thing that Flint was that even if I was to wait for new 7000-series that it would be more expensive. So I was just going to get one of the other cards for that reason. So which one would you guys recommend for my system. Thanks
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    there you go. 560Ti beats both of those for under 200 bucks w/rebate. That cooler model is really good as well
  5. The 560Ti is on par with the 6950, so go for that one.
  6. FlintIronStagg said:
    there you go. 560Ti beats both of those for under 200 bucks w/rebate. That cooler model is really good as well

    NVIDIA are a no no for mid range GPU now untill they lower their price.

    6870 145$ after rebate + free dirt game:

    BF3 1080p High setting:


  7. But my system should be able to handle the 560ti because it does seem to perform better in most games. I'm willing to pay for the 560Ti listed above because it is still in my price range and not that much more than the 6870 I have been looking at.
  8. The 6870 over the 560ti@ that price? You gotta be kidding me
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  10. thanks for you help guys if a mod could close this now that would be great.
  11. Grats on the upgrade
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