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I am using single monitor,but device manager shows two monitors.The extra
monitor that does't exist states "default monitor".If I remove it,after
reboot it's right back.My system works fine using the "other" monitor.
It's no big problem but it puzzles me.

Does anyone know a way to clean trash from devise manager?A link or anythig.

oh.. WinME and Asus 7100 GF2 graphics gard.
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  1. Remove both the monitors and reboot, windows will detect just the monitor you have, or install the Default Monitor.

    before that, if you had ever installed any monitor inf files, check them in c:\windows\inf\other directory and delete any files related to monitor so that windows doesnt find that again.


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  2. I removed the old Asus.inf and left nvidia,removed both monitors and booted.Windows found two monitors and installed them back like they were before.
    Now I got curious and went to Asus site.The v7100 series has a "twin view" option.My card does't support it but I guess the cards bios tells Windows to install two monitors....hmm.
    Now the "default monitor" has no drivers,but that does't matter because it's
    not in use anyway.

    Thanks for the info girish.
  3. Girish is absolutely right, that's the right remedy. Just want to add that it is better to remove unwanted devices from Safe Mode.

    If the problem (actually, as you said not really a problem) persists, yes, it looks like the device driver is trying to install whatever it suppose to do.

    Sometimes it might be a sort of common for Win9x/Me "aging" or ability to collect and keep all the garbage. Everything comes to normal after clean reinstall, what is strongly recommended to perform periodically on Win9x/Me machines.
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