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I need to build a PC that will run everquest without any problems, but without a price that exceeds $350. I have the monitor and peripherals, all I need is the computer, but I need all parts for it. Overclocking and SLI too, if that will bring the price down, and I don't mind if I have to go back to using IDE cable equipment. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. SLI under $350 is not going to happen.

    With that budget your only going to play on low settings and low resolution.
  2. EverQuest will run fine on integrated graphics. Intel HD 3000 or any Llano is more than enough to tackle a game that's 13 years old.
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    As someone who plays Everquest I would have to agree with daship on multiple levels. SLI on $350 is going to be almost impossible. Building a whole PC on $350 is going to be tough enough. Everquest in a decent resolution and playable is going to require decent graphics speeds. Let me also warn you, I have 2 X GTX 480's and when I turn on SLI in EQ I get NO gain in Frame rates, not a 1. You have to remember that game was programmed back before 1999.
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