Computer randomly shuts off. Pretty sure not overheating, but...

I could still use some help troubleshooting.

System Specs

Windows 7 64bit Home Premium
MSI P67A-G43
RadeonHD 6950

My computer has been either A) Randomly restarting, usually after about 30 minutes on the dot, or B) Freezing after about the same amount of time, regardless of what I'm doing (in Firefox, opening up a program, etc.). I've had the computer for about 10 months, and it was my first build. I actually haven't been using it at all recently, and the first time it did this was about 36 hours ago after basically idling all day and doing absolutely nothing intensive - I barely touched it the previous 4-6 hours.

At first I thought I was overheating, so I cleaned out the dust (there was some, but not massive amounts) and checked the thermal paste, which looked fine, and ran Core Temp and Speed Fan. Everything was fine (temps did get a bit lower after I cleaned it out) but they're nowhere near over heating, so I'm almost certain this isn't the issue You can view the topic I made about it overheating yeterday here ( I also think my PSU is fine, it's 750W and didn't really have much dust, nor is it making noises (not sure what else I can check on it). Here are a few other things I've tested out, none of them helping:

RAM Test: I checked the RAM in BIOS and everything checks out.

Competing Drivers / Out of Date Drivers: I had 2 audio drivers, and read that this could be causing an issue, so I disabled one of them. I also checked all of my drivers for updates and everything was up to date.

I disabled sleep & hibernate: since the majority of the turn-offs/freezes seemed to happen about 30 minutes after turning the computer on.

Event Log: I checked the critical errors in my event log, I had an error code 41 about Kernel-Power. Also, I read through another similar topic and found out how to get more details about these errors and the majority of them mentioned something about insufficient resources for the display (sorry I can't be more specific, I didn't write it down, but I could turn the computer back on to check the event log).

When the computer turns itself off, there is no BSOD. It's black, with white underscore at the top left corner, and in the bottom right there is an A2 (I think this is based on the monitor) for about 10 seconds. Then I get this screen that says a required device is inaccessible. However, if I manually power off and back on, it starts up normally. Then I wait about 30-ish minutes and it happens again. I let it rest last night, and right now I'm letting it sit in BIOs to see if it still turns off. Oddly, when I turned the computer on, the CPU was about 50C, and after about 10 minutes it's now sitting at 61C and staying there, so perhaps heat is the issue afterall. I did order some thermal paste, so when I get that I will have the option of replacing it.

Any idea about what my next steps should be? I was going to go ahead and insert the windows disk and run repair, but I'd like to figure out if this is a hardware issue before resorting to software solutions.

EDIT 1: Been idling in BIOS for about 3 hours now, no shut offs. Temps have been siting at 60C.
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  1. Hmm, First 61C the i5 can take, but whats the temps on a mild load, like run Prime95 for a few sec and see how high it spikes, Might be Overheating by the sound of it, 72c is Intel stated max, so I could shutdown somewhere after 72c to pervent it from damaging its self.

    You can always try a different PSU if can, and see if the restarts stop. Open the side of the computer and see if all the fan on the CPU cooler is spining.
  2. I troubleshooted a lot of thigns with another guy on another forum, and we kind of narrowed things down to probably the PSU. However, I'm intrigued by your idea of the CPU shutting itself down at 72C. Is there a way I can get into the system and disable this, and then run Prime95 to see if get that?
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