About to return my GTX 560


Asus P9x79
8gigs of ram

Video card http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814121446

Apparently there is no real solution to this, I've tried clean installing the latest drivers including the beta.
I get this error msg white surfing the net, like right this second.
It seems to affect random people, should I return for a Radeon?

I'm not doing any overclocking or anything fancy. My rig has the latest bios updates, etc.
Haven't tried running newer games, only FIFA 12 and crysis 2 so far, no issues.


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  1. I stand corrected, now I can't run far cry without getting past the first screen

    I also can't uninstall it withouth my screen going black

    Do I need a new driver? Maybe an older one?

    Sometimes when I press Ctrl - alt - delete my screen stays black and i have to reset

    I'm thinking ATI
  2. You are running a very outdated driver that is why. http://www.geforce.com/Drivers
  3. If you read my posts you would see that I've tried every driver, including the new beta. This one has been more stable
  4. ALso, I don't know why the same VGA drivers are listed here, and their outdated. I tried all of them, the oldest one works best for some stupid reason.
    Will flashing my video cards bios hellp this problem? I'm guessing no.

    Why is the world so inconvenient

  5. Why not try it?
  6. Also what is your power supply? What are the amperages?
  7. The drivers from official asus site are out dated like u just stated.

    my PSU is seasonic gold edition 660W
  8. Please go and download driver sweeper. delete all your nvidia drivers. restart computer. check driver sweeper and delete all residual drivers. restart cpu. install latest drivers. win
  9. I usually do a clean install which should wipe out the drivers.

    I bumped my cards clock to around 900, this seems to have solved the problem. I'll try a clean install if it stops working.

    The beta driver sucks here btw.
  10. This is a common error for years now. It occurs with Nvidia and ATI cards. There's no real clear fix for it even after all these years, there's still numerous forums devoted to this one issue.

    I'd suggest trying to re-install windows if you can't find a solution. Some claim everything from Windows updates to faulty hardware caused it. I've had it a few times myself, with 2 different ATI cards and each time was able to fix it, without really knowing what I did, or what caused it to happen in the first place.
  11. I've reinstalled windows, with different installation discs, clean format.
    Still an issue, I brought it in and they are trouble shooting the *** out of it.
    It may just be a problem with the new x79 chipset, or maybe even PCI 3.0 lanes
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