Installed new cpu and comp wont restart

installed new cpu and the computer boots up fine everything works how it should but when i try to restart the computer it starts to restart how it should turns to a black screen and will not fully restart i have to press the button to turn it off
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  1. Please provide further details about your system.

    Depending on the upgrade, a Windows reinstall would probably help more than you would think. If it was a drastic upgrade or swap, there is a good chance there are inconsistencies with the install and your new processor. I've swapped processors many times and sometimes it works fine, sometimes it doesn't, and the times it doesn't, I get problems similar to what you're experiencing along with bluescreens or other odd things. At the very least, do a repair install of Windows and see if that settles it down.

    More details and your findings.
  2. (1) install latest BIOS for the MB, especially if the CPU you installed first appeared after you bought the MB (or computer containing the MB).

    (2) There are a million fails that hang restart. For example, this one was bad power supply. This one was fixed when *not* plugged thru UPS. etc. Crazy stuff..

    This is the technique for looking for software that is not compatible wiht your new CPU: If clean boot restarts OK then add services back in until you find the one that caused the problem.

    This thread also suggested "Win7 keeps event logs on boot, sleep, wakeup. You might get some hints from there.

    Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Performance Information and Tools\Advanced Tools

    View Performance Details in Event Log"

    Since the last thing you did was add a new CPU reload all MB chipset drivers in hope that something gets reset when they install.
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