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HD 4850 512MB and Intel Pentium D 3.00 GHZ, good idea?

Hey guys,
I want to upgrade my graphic card (currently nvidia 8400 GS 512MB) to a radeon hd4850 512MB, question is, is it a good idea since my CPU (Pentium D 3.00 GHZ )seems to be old and I only have 2GB RAM and an LG monitor 19' (1440x900) (Microsoft XP professional SP3). I want run games like Napoleon: Total War (if possible in ultra or at least high, right now it works fine in medium with my real resolution) and GTA IV (right now it works without any lags with everything in very low with 800x600 resolution haha.) if I can get to play this on my 1440x900 resolution and everything in low that would still be great. So, if I get this card, will I notice a huge increase in the performance or it will stay almost the same?, I don't really play games like crysis and stuff like that and I cannot afford changing my cpu right now. So, again, is this a good idea? :pt1cable:
Thank you!.
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  1. A 4850 might be overkill. Check out the 5570s.
  2. At 800x600, any performance gain would be minimal as you'd be CPU bound.
  3. jryan388 said:
    A 4850 might be overkill. Check out the 5570s.

    Really? not even a chance it will increase the performance?. I really wanted a hd4850.
    Do you think I will be able to run the NTW on Ultra or at least High with a 5570?.
  4. sykozis said:
    At 800x600, any performance gain would be minimal as you'd be CPU bound.

    I have no idea what that means haha, I didn't mean I want to play at 800x600 but 1440x900, I just wanted to clarify that I can currently play at that resolution without any lags. Thanks!.
  5. The HD4850 will perform fine at 1440x900....though it may be a bit limited by your processor.
  6. 4850 is good old card, but don't forget it requires extra 6 pin power connector and atleast 350W power supply, 400w recommended.
  7. Yes duxducis, I read about that, thanks for the reminder! so, in conclusion, if I get a HD4850 will I see a HUGE improvement in comparison with my current 8400 GS or I won't even see a 50% improvement because of the CPU?
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    It depends on each game what kind of performance you going to get.
    but there is no comparison 4850 was real gaming card (in 150$ price range), 8400gs is 30$ regular use non gaming card.
  9. Ohhhh i didn't think of this before but that game is a rts and rts's are suuuuper cpu-dependant... So it might not help very much. Look up some cpu benchmarks.
  10. Well, I'll do some research to check what cpu I can get, still it's highly unlikely I'll get one any time soon haha. I know right now I'll end up trying the 4850 (because as duxducis said, it's a real gaming card even though is old), I really hope I'll see some improvement. I'm going to post an update when I get it and let you guys see how it goes!. Thank you very much for taking your time to share your opinions with me!.
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