Recommend AGP video card for Intel 865gbf MB

I need a 1.8v display card for my old (2003-ish) Intel MB 865GBF.

I cannot find any voltage specs for AGP cards from anywhere, including manufacturer's specs). The slot will NOt support a 3.3 volt card, so I must be sure.

Altyhou the board has built-in video, I need a card for better pertformance of HD video.
Thank you in advance!

Susie C.
Hollywood, CA
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  1. this is the link for your intel mobo but with the age of board check if you wil get real hd for the money spend on a new graphic card
  2. slim picking for AGP now days,
    maybe this

    how much you wore planing on spending anyway?
  3. You might be better off saving the cash and just getting an A8. AGP cards can't really even compete much anymore . .
  4. You don't usually run across a 3.3v card these days unless you are trying out used ones.

    Once you find the card you will use, just google search for specs and you will find the voltage.
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