Diamond Radeon HD 6970 shows GPU clock only 750MHz

Hi all,

I recently purchased 2 Diamond Radeon HD 6970. I ran TechPowerUp GPU-Z and it shows both cards have GPU Clock as 750MHz, Memory clock as 1375MHz.

I thought spec for GPU clock is 880MHz and memory is 1425MHz. I even see online reviews with GPU clock above 900MHz.

I am running Catalyst 11.12 and my system is Windows XP with 4GB of memory. I notice VDDC is 1.0V and GPU temp is noramlly around 62C.

Does anyone know why the clocks on my cards are so low?

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  1. They probably downclocked themselves to save power. They will perform at full speed when you game :)
  2. Oh I see. But how do I know that for sure? :-). Meaning how can I monitor GPU and Mem clock when I am gaming?

    I just found out that through Catalyst Control Center I can adjust both clocks. I tried changing to spec and saw the new number in GPU-Z. Also saw VDDC went up to 1.175V by itself. Fan also rev'ed up. GPU temperature went from 62C to 69C.
  3. Msi afterburner.
  4. CCC works just fine. I use it. 1.175 is the default gpu voltage. It will reduce when the gpu is not running under load. 880 and 1375 are standard clock speeds. CCC will show what both gpu's are set to and what both are currently running at. When not gaming my gpu's default to 450Mhz and then increase when a load is present. Just make sure that you click on the drop down menu in CCC to select both gpus and make sure that neither is set to 750MHz. I am new to CCC and made that mistake already. One way to know for sure is to run a second monitor and have CCC open while you game. It will show your gpu usage % and speeds in real time.
  5. I would also suggest MSI afterburner. I had the same question when I first got my cards but the above mention of downclocking to save power is correct.
  6. Thanks all for your help.

    Yes, I played with CCC and bumped up the GPU and Mem clock, noticed Vdd also got bumped up to 1.175V after I changed GPU clock. One thing I notice also is the temperature shoots up to close to 80C when gaming. Normally it is around 62C. Looks like I need a few more fans.

    One more question: Crossfire is enabled in CCC, yes? And no other driver is needed but only Catalyst 11.12?

  7. Yes, corssfire is enabled in CCC. You can find it under the perfromance tab. If it says enabled then it is working. If there is not an options it only sees one of the cards. If you upped the voltage, it will get hotter. You might also try manaully turning up the fan when you are gaming to see if that helps. My two 6870's fans will not go over 30 percent for some reason and I have to bump them up when I am playing demanding games.
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