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PCi Express x16 video card

Hello :hello:

I'm getting all my parts together to build a PC and I need a video card for a PCi Express x16, but I can only find them for PCi Express 2.0 x16. Can anyone help me out?

Also, the motherboard is a Biostar N68S3+
Item #: N82E16813138293 on Newegg
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  1. Well scratch that, just found out they're backward compatible

    In that case, is this card any good, and will it work with my motherboard?
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    that card will not be good why dont you get an hd 5670 which support dx 11 and you could also get an hd 6450 if ur budget level is low just $10 more and it supports dx 11 the gt 210 is dx 10 captible graphic card and it is older so buy one new tech hd 6450 it will be more better then an gt 210.:)
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  4. Thank you so much
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