TV's "Scene Select" is not working with Radeon 6970

I just upgraded from a GTX 460 to a Radeon 6970. With the GTX and my Sony Bravia 46" TV, whenever I was doing general PC usage (anything that's not a game or full screen video), my TV would scene select into an easy on the eyes "graphics" mode. Whenever I would play a game it would switch to "gaming" mode, and whenever I would full screen a video in VLC or on youtube, it would switch to a nice looking "general" mode.

Upon upgrading to my new video card, this function that I have grown to love is no longer functional. I messed around in the Catalyst settings a bit but couldn't find anything useful. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. I have this same issue with a Radeon 5450 and the NX46
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