Hi forums.

I have a 23 HP monitor with VGA, DVI-D Dual link, and HDMI connections (HDMI used for Xbox).

I am using the onboard Intel HD2000 graphics with my motherboard as the output.

My question is, is it worth getting a DVI cable instead of the VGA connection I am currently using for my PC?

My current resolution is 1920x1080 @ 60hz, although it appears my monitor is capable, somehow of outputting at 1920x1200, although when I change to this resolution through the standard Windows 7 settings, I see a message telling me it is not the optimal resolution, from both Windows and the monitor itself.

Will changing to a DVI cable let me use 1920x1200 resolution? Will there be any other noticable differences, considering my monitor is limited to 60hz anyway it would appear, and finally what are the technical differences between the two (apart from analogue vs digital signal)?

Any info/advice would be appreciated.
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  1. Well you can put 1080p through a VGA cable. That being said, its not actually 1080p. This is because the VGA cable dosn't have enough bandwidth to effectively put 1080p through, so it will look un-sharp. A slightly noticeable difference will be seen with a DVI cable.
  2. What about in regards to 1200 vertical lines? Is it possible that my monitor is being restricted by the analogue connection in this sense?
  3. Are you really considering the worth of a 5$ cable?
    Currently your digital signal produced by your GPU is converted to an analog signal, sent over the VGA cable where it is subject to all kinds of interference and degradation, only to be converted into a digital signal again, so your DIGITAL monitor can display it.
    Using a digital connection (DVI or HDMI) eliminates both conversions, which means eliminating 2 HUGE sources of quality loss.

    Without actually knowing the exact model we cannot tell you its native resolution. Both 1920x1080 and 1920x1200 are common resolutions, and many monitors with 1080p will still accept a signal with 1200 lines and either cut off a portion of the image or shrink it (if the image is shrunk it will look blurry).
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