What size psu do I need?

I want to have crossfire xfx 6870's(only one for now), and a i5 2500k overclocked. Will a 750w corsair tx750 work for that?
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  1. Yup, it will be plenty for that setup even with overclocking. Guru3d saw a pair of 6870s only pulling around 430 W from the wall so you have plenty left for OCing
  2. On newegg it says sli-yes but crossfire-no how does that work they both use the same power.
  3. The SLI-certified/ready and Crossfire-certified/ready are equally meaningless. A vendor can send in their PSU to either AMD or nVidia who look at it, call it pretty, slap a sticker on it and send it back. Look through the list of SLI-certified and crossfire-certified PSUs, most of them should never run more than a pair of 6450's in crossfire.

    Take this unit for example
    SLI ready and crossfire ready, probably wouldn't survive it's first experience with either. With 20A on it's 12 V rail, my 955 and 4850 would push it over it's limit, let alone crossfire or sli.
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