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It would be really nice if we could access the forums externally so we don't have to load your website every time.
It takes a really really long time.
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  1. What do you mean access them externally? Also, what part of the site is taking a long time for you to load? The javascript on the front page used to be causing delays but that was fixed a few months ago.

    If you just want a quicker way to get to the forums without going through the home page you can always just use
  2. Just clicking on topics on the forum. Every time you click the entire website has to reload including the menubar at the top and all the advertisements. It takes a long time on Google Chrome. I couldn't imagine the time it would take on Firefox or internet explorer.

    Maybe even if you just change the order which loads, so the forum loads first, then the menubar and then the advertisement.

    The forums just feel very bulky and are discouraging to use.

    I suggest checking out how works. Their forum loads super fast and is really really basic but is very functional.
  3. That site you suggest load as quick as THW front page for me. I use flashblock and adblock with FF.
  4. Well I don't mind supporting Tom's Hardware and their advertising. That's why I do not use AdBlock.
    For a user without that the loading time is still fairly slow, and the forums are quite inefficient.

    Unless thats what the staff wants. Is me to stop complaining and install AdBlock XD
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