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Hi I recently updated my windows 7 through Windows Updates, it shows Win7 SP1 in device manager, as soon as i restart my computer after the welcome screen it shows me a grey screen for about 5 mins and shows me the account name that it shouldn't show as there's only one user account, i don't know what to do, please help me, I am on i5 2400, ASUS H61 M-LX,
Corsair 4X2 GB DD3 1333 9-9-9-24, Win 7 32bit....Please please please help!!! :(
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  1. Can you get in bios? Boot to your windows cd and try to restore to the day before you installed the update.

    If that doesn't work try repair.
  2. But can't i be happy with the updates, i mean do i really want to use system restore and go back, well i did try that and went back to 2 days earlier then again it installed the updates and then again the same problem...:(
  3. So turn off automatic updates...
  4. This can happen when you install sp1 over a cracked (non-legit) windows installation. Please verify that you have a legit windows installation.
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