Pc turns on for a second then turns off.

Can anyone give me any advice to fix this? I have no software installed (not even an OS) and when I turn my power on all my fans and LEDs turn on, then just stop. I have no idea why and can anyone help?
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  1. I removed the RAM and reinstalled them, then loosened my mobo screws a bit and now it turns on for about 20 seconds before shutting off.
  2. Whose motherboard is it. I had a similar experience with an Intel motherboard, DQ45CB. Never did find a good fix. Didn't seem to effect the computer it would turn back on and off after a shutdown and when you turned power on to the board, ie. plugging in or flipping on the PSU switch, it would power on and off but other then that the system ran quite stable and reliable.
  3. I have a Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H motherboard.
  4. I was thinking of resetting the CMOS. Would that help?
  5. Is your CPU cooler seated properly? If not, the system could be shutting itself down to prevent overheating.
  6. have you tried another power supply?
  7. Yeah the CPU is seated properly, just rechecked that, and I don't have another PSU to compare it to. It's a 550W and I'm running that mobo, a Cd/DVD Rom, a Radeon 6750 graphics card, and Ballistix RAM
  8. Did you check the CPU itself or the heatsink fan/thermal paste? If you can get to the BIOS before shutdown check the temp sensors. I once installed a cpu heatsink fan a little off-kilter and it led to a similar issue.
  9. What brand of power supply ?... do you check one memory at a time...
    Try remove the vdieo card ... just MB / CPU / RAM ( 1 pieces) with the power supply ... is it able to go to bios now.?.
  10. I narrowed it down. With my mobo a series of short beeps indicate a problem with memory. My RAM sticks are in the right channels (verified through my handbook) what else could be the problem?
  11. So am I stuck having to buy new RAM or can I fix these? I tried switching the ports they sit in, tried only one, etc. They are brand new.
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