Is the Intel Pentium G860 Processor compatible with my Asus P4S-800MX

Here I have a rig I am upgradeing, and inside it is a Asus P4S-800MX Motherboard, I wanted to buy an Intel Pentium G860 and install it, is that possible, and are they compatible?, I currently have a Pentium 4 rateing in at 2.8 GHZ, but its a single core ;( I am looking to play more intensive games like Crysis 2, Diablo III, and Black Ops II (When released). If that processor is not compatible, could someone please tip me off on a decent processor that is?

Thank you!

~ Hayley.
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  1. No they are two different CPU sockets. Your motherboard is socket 478 and the Pentium is socket 1155. The only processors that will work in your motherboard are Celerons and Penium 4's.
  2. No, the G860 is a LGA 1155 CPU and that board is Socket 478 (EXTREMELY limiting, as far as upgrade options go).

    Here's the supported CPU's list but it looks like the best that you can do is a P4 HT 3.4Ghz.

    Honestly, it's not worth upgrading that (you'll NEVER be able to play ANY of those games with ANY upgrade that you can do). Time for a completely new system, I'm afraid.

    Edit: Took too long to get my info, lol.
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