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I have just been slightly confused about which aspect of the i5 chip I should be paying attention to. For example, should I concern myself with the temperature of each individual core of the cpu(an intel core i5 2400) or the cpu temp overall. I've been using speedfan, and realtemp, also HWMonitor to look at all the temps. Usually each individual core idle: 38-42 and under load it stays between 55-60 normally although sometimes an indivual core can jump to 65 but it quckly drops back down. Or should I be paying attention to the overall Cpu.
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  1. Maximum temperature for the CPU cores is 95C.
  2. So each separate core is 95C, and on the manufacturers website it says 72.6 or something like that for the max operating temp for the cpu, does that mean 72C is for the entire CPU?
  3. 72C is the recommended safe zone, Intel will warranty the chip if kept below that temp. It can reach 95c but it will throttle speed down before it shuts down around 95c. Now to answer your question, I baleave Intel states that the max temp is 72c on the CPU not cores. the cores can run hotter then the CPU over all temp. Again Im going by a forum post about an i5 2500k, should be the same really.
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