I7 3930 vs i7 3770k

Hi All,

Im currently building a DAW PC for my studio. I have wittled down to 2 options; wondering if any one had any opinions on what is a better setup, a i7 3770k and a Asus P8Z68 board OR a i7 3930 and a X79 board?

Both will have 16gb 1866 Mhz RAM and SSD drives. I'm not expert on boards and CPU's but need atleast 1 firewire port.
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  1. You may find this interesting: http://www.reyniersaudio.com/blog/recording-computer/recording-computer-cpu-benchmarks-sandy-bridge-nehalem-and-bulldozer-processors-compared

    They do not benchmark the exact chips because they weren't available, but the 970/980 were that generation's 6 core 3930 equivalent and the 2600k is pretty close to a 3770. The summary is for some DAW work, the extra cores can make a big difference (they generally don't for gaming). A 3930 and motherboard are considerably more expensive.
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