Asus m2n68-am plus phenom ii x4 965


I want to buy phenom II x4 965 but I didnt see any motherboard that supports this processor in asus official cpu support list. I see that PII-955 is in support list.

The above processor has am2+/am3 socket type. And my mother board supports am2+ sockets.

I see that PII-955 is in support list.
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  1. It is likely that it will work since there are more 125watt tdp CPU's on there inclusive of X6 1090T.
  2. if it is not on the ASUS CPU support list then it is probably not supported AT THIS TIME. usually ASUS is very up-to-date on their support list. if you want contact ASUS support. they are up to answering questions like that. if you get lucky they might even release a BIOS update to support the CPU. i am not to savy on the AMD processors so i have to use Intels equivalent for the following example.

    my 7 year old motherboard had a max Front Side Bus speed of 800MHz and could only support 90NM dual/single core CPUs (pentium 4/D and Celeron D) and 65NM single core CPUs. (newer P4s and Celeron Ds) then i wanted to upgrade to a older Core 2 Duo with 800MHz FSB, but i couldn't because they were all 65NM dual cores or 45NM dual cores. my motherboard can't support that because of it's hardware so a BIOS software update can't help. a similar problem might exist with that CPU such as the FSB being too fast. but like i said, i have only mastered Intels side of the CPU list.

    just contact ASUS about your concern. like i said, they are more than willing to help satisfy their customers. that's why i love ASUS.
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